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All relationships are very important in our lives, and can bring much meaning and happiness. They can provide love, support, friendship, advice and guidance. However, they can also cause problems and unhappiness when they break down, and it’s during these times that we need to know how to seek advice in every aspect of personal and professional relationships. Dr. Sid will help you learn how to build healthy relationships that are mutually beneficial and effective!


Having a personal relationship with the Creator is essential to experiencing Wholeness and Success in Life. Learn key principles that will enhance your Spiritual Evolution.



Money & Finance

Budgeting, Investing, Money Management Skills, Entrepreneurship, Creating a Business Plan, Retirement, Credit Repair/Recovery are essential to financial success! Learn how to effectively plan your financial success. 

Divorce and Separation Recovery

How do you re-establish yourself after a divorce? It takes time to heal spiritually, mentally, physically, and financially. Learning yourself all over again becomes your primary objective and it demands focus, patience and time.




Identifying your leadership type and developing leadership skills are key components in seeing measurable success in your business and personal life. Learn how to provide direction, implement plans and motivate people by using proven Leadership Principles. Become that leader who make things happen!

Health & Wellness

Create a plan to be the Best You! Find the motivation, tools and actions to meet your physical and emotional health goals. We will work with you individually and through group sessions to ensure that you reach your personal targets utilizing internal strengths and external resources for sustainable change.


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Business & Career Transition

Increasing interpersonal skills will promote growth in your Executive Profession. Learn how to add new direction to your career path: Marketing, Small Business, Public Relations, Networking and Professional Development.

Personal Growth

Personal Growth is a Life long process! Learn how to be the Best You by assessing your skills, core values and qualities. Dr. Sid will help you develop in your Personality and Communication through personal assessment and analysis. Be prepared for Change!